Working Remotely as an Architect with Dropbox for Business

  • April 25, 2019
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  • Posted by Rebekah Ueland
If the last few months are any indication, the Seattle Squeeze is real. Very real. January’s Viaduct and State Route 99 closures left the city scrambling for alternate routes. And SDOT officials report that this is just the beginning, stating that “over the next five years, Seattle’s downtown will be in a state of transition to meet the needs of our growing city and region.” That’s exciting news in the long-run, but for small businesses currently battling the congestion, that’s a huge hit on your team’s productivity.
Factor in extreme weather events like Snowmageddon 2019 and the rise in mega-commutes and it’s easy to understand the severe disruptions Seattle’s architecture firms are facing and why many are turning to work-from-home options to ease the strain.
Dropbox Business makes it easy for small to mid-sized architecture firms to store, share, and collaborate on projects from anywhere. 
  1. Store. From CAD files to meeting notes, Dropbox allows your team to securely store and access important files from just about anywhere. The cloud-based platform integrates with your existing systems and offers easy access to your file library, both private and shared.
  1. Share. Send files and folders to people both inside and outside your company with shared links. Dropbox clearly displays who has access to each file, and you can add extra security with password protection and expiration dates. The best part: your recipients don’t have to be Dropbox users. Imagine the possibilities for your contractors and clients.

    Allworth Design, a Seattle-based landscape architecture firm, previously relied on email and VPN to share and review large CAD files, and basic file changes could nearly 60 seconds to save and sync. That time (and frustration) adds up. Dropbox Business now enables Allworth to sync CAD files almost instantly, allowing the team to focus on getting the job done.

  2. Collaborate. Dropbox keeps your team in sync. Dropbox Paper lets your team edit documents in real time, assign to-dos, merge content into one place, comment with feedback, and look good while doing it. Share entire folders or single files and watch your team move projects forward.
For architecture firms like Allworth Design and Milbrandt Architects, Dropbox Business lets their design teams work seamlessly from anywhere, whether that’s out in the field evaluating project sites or at the kitchen table on a bad Seattle traffic morning. It kept projects on track during Snowmaggedon, met deadlines through the State Route 99 closure, and has helped them attract new talent as they look to the future.

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